Pre-requisites for Training 1

The Academy of Mindful Movement requires you have experience within your movement discipline

  • A certificate, diploma or equivalent in your movement practice

  • Two years experience teaching your movement discipline

  • Five years practicing your discipline

Bonus for Trainees who sign up for Level 1 Training by October 3, 2022: Three months of personal, post-training coaching by Legacy Founder, Renée Tillotson, to support you in integrating the techniques you learn at the Academy into your teaching.

Description of the Level 1 Training

10 week - 40 hour Course

Mindful Movement Level 1 Training is a highly interactive learning course that immerses you into a new approach of teaching movement. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice new instruction techniques within your discipline and discover unique approaches to moving you’ve never thought of before. This training will enhance your self-awareness in surprising ways.


The cornerstone of Level 1 introduces the necessity of body safety and proposes the means of achieving it in any movement practice. 


Each week consists of one hour of independent study that introduces the weekly content consisting of interactive activities, readings, reflections and tutorials; a live online group session (2 hours per week) where you will meet with the trainers to learn and practice the weekly content; and a one hour live Pod session in smaller groups where you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned into your movement practice. You should expect to devote four hours per week for the entire course.


Upon successful demonstration of integrating Mindful Movement practices into your lessons, you will earn a certificate as a Mindful Movement Instructor Level 1. 

The AMM is a sister organization to the Still & Moving Center and frequent references will be made to practices done there for the purposes of example. Rest assured that no outside programs or materials will be marketed during the training.